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    How to Start a Capsule Bag Collection

    Choosing a bag as an accessory is the perfect way to enhance your outfit. However, as our collection grows, it can become more difficult to get use out of each bag we own. With so many bag brands, styles, colours and aesthetics, we’re sharing our tips for how to curate a functional and aesthetic capsule bag collection, what a capsule collection looks like and the types of bags that work well within one.

    What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

    Before looking at how to create a capsule back collection, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe, simply put, is a curated selection of quality items – clothing, accessories and shoes – that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits that all work together. They contain quality materials, coherent styles and colours that blend seamlessly together without looking bland or the same.

    The idea behind the capsule wardrobe is to invest in high-quality pieces that will last over multiple seasons and are versatile enough that you can wear them time and time again.

    What is a Capsule Bag Collection?

    In the same way a capsule wardrobe highlights a range of quality pieces that can be mixed and matched, a capsule bag collection is a small selection of handbags, purses and travel bags that can be rotated with your outfits, and should contain a selection of high-quality pieces that will suit a range of occasions, events and day-to-day activities, crafted in neutral colourways and durable materials so you can use them season after season.

    How Many Bags Should be in a Capsule Bag Collection?

    While there’s no hard or fast rule about how many pieces you can have in your collection, it’s best to start out with around three to five staple bags:

    • 2 x bags for everyday activities, like going to work or university
    • 2 x bags for weekend activities, like brunch with friends or going on date night with a special someone
    • 1 x bag for special occasions, like going to a wedding or engagement party


    How to Start a Capsule Bag Collection?


    Now you understand what a capsule bag collection is, there are a few aspects of curating the quintessential bag collection to consider before throwing out all your current bags to start afresh.


    Focus on the accessories you already own

    One of the core ideals of a capsule bag collection is to help reduce unnecessary amounts of waste. So, when starting your own capsule collection, begin by evaluating the bags you already own. Look at each piece carefully, making sure to note how often you use the bag, the colour, the materials and how long you’ve owned the bag. If you have a large collection already, make sure to consider each one and separate them into piles to keep, discard or sell/donate. This way you can narrow down the bags you already own before splurging on a range of new bags.


    Highlight the gaps in your collection

    Once you’ve evaluated the bags you do own, it’s best to audit how you use them on a day-to-day basis and what style gaps exist. If most of your bags are used for special occasions, it’s worth considering if you need several different going-out bags and focus on investing in styles for work and every day. Similarly, if your collection contains a large amount of bigger bags, like duffle bags or tote bags, but only one or two smaller handbags, try and reduce the amount of larger bags and consider which one’s are worth donating or reselling.


    Choose high-quality materials

    Once your current bag selection has been cleaned up and you know which styles you do and don’t have, it’s time to start looking for new bag styles to add to your collection. Focus on quality over quantity at first, choosing pieces that resonate with your wardrobe and style, rather than particular trends. Remember, your capsule collection should contain styles that can last throughout the seasons, so look for bags crafted with high-quality materials, like leather or faux leather, quality hardware and stitching.


    Start with neutral colours

    When choosing bags for your collection, it’s best to stick with neutral colours that can match your aesthetic seamlessly. While trends come and go, neutral colours, like black, tan, beige, egret, grey and white offer the most versatility for outfit styling. This ensures that no matter which event you have coming up, whether it’s an after-work dinner party, celebratory event or last-minute plans, your bag always adds a stylish element to your ensemble.


    Don't be afraid of colour

    Although neutral colours are an easy way to ensure your capsule collection always matches your outfits, it’s equally important to choose bag styles that you enjoy and fit with your aesthetic. Don't be afraid to mix in some bold pops of colour that will help your outfits stand out – bright mini bags look great paired with a monochromatic outfit while neutral-coloured bags with a defining print, like our Guess logo print bags, always make a statement, whether in the office or on a night out.


    Top Three Bags You Need in Your Collection

    While a capsule bag collection will look different to everyone, there are three bag types that are a must-have to bring versatility and ease of use for every moment.

    1. Tote Bag

    The tote bag is a wardrobe staple when it comes to a capsule collection. With so many styles and types available, the term tote bag can relate to both a canvas bag or a more structured style – however you define a tote bag, they’re a must-have for your collection. A carry-all tote, like the Evity Leather tote bags, offers a classic style and streamlined functionality for everyday use. Perfect for taking a laptop to work or university or your essentials while out and about, you’ll be reaching for your tote bag time and time again.


    2. Crossbody Bag

    For something a little smaller than a tote bag, the crossbody bag is the quintessential piece for every collection. With a huge variety of styles to choose from, the crossbody bag makes it simple to carry your wallet, phone and keys in style. For an everyday bag, look for one in a neutral colour, like black, cream or dusty pink. For something bolder for a night glam ensemble, opt for bright, colourful tones that will lighten up any setting.


    3. Special Occassion Bag

    While a capsule bag collection is best for everyday activities, it’s always important to include one or two bags that can be used for that rare, special occasion, like engagement parties, weddings, etc. As these bags won’t be used as often, it’s best to choose neutral colours that can be paired with a range of outfits and a style, that isn’t showy but is bold enough to make a small statement for the event. A glittery purse, chunky mini bag or wristlet bag will make the biggest impact when you need it the most


    A capsule bag collection is a great way to minimise clutter and maximise the enjoyment of your bags, giving you the freedom to mix and match styles, colours and looks with ease. Discover the selection of handbags, crossbody bags and much more from STRAND now.