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    Best Bags for Back-To-School & University

    With heading back to school just around the corner, the start of a new year can be filled with excitement, anticipation and nervousness. Whether you’re dusting off your textbooks or sorting out your outfits for the year, the beginning of the school year is the perfect time to assess what you need to start the year off right and a good school or university bag is one of those accessories. In this article, we’re sharing our tips and tricks for choosing the ultimate back-to-school bag to help you get the most out of the school year ahead. Plus, enjoy up to 30% off a selected range of backpacks!

    How to Choose a School or Uni Bag?

    Choosing a school bag is not as easy as one might think. From deciding on the style, size and overall functionality of a bag, there can be a lot to take into consideration. Not to mention there is a plethora of variation, aesthetics and tech available. So, how do you choose the right bag for back to school?


    1. What do you need to carry?
    The first aspect of a new bag to consider is how much you need to carry with you while at school or uni. Do you need to carry a small number of items, like a drink bottle and laptop or a whole selection of textbooks, equipment etc.? This can help you determine what size bag and how much space you’ll need.


    2. School requirements
    For some schools, a specific type of bag may be required, like a backpack or duffle bag, which may limit the type of bag you can choose. Make sure to double check your school’s uniform requirements before splurging on a new bag right away.

    What to Look for in a School or Uni Bag?

    Once you know roughly how much you’ll need to carry and the requirements for colour, style etc., then you can start looking for your new bag. There are many different aspects to a good bag and it’s important to choose a style based both on aesthetics and functionality.


    1. Style

    The style of the bag is probably one of the most defining factors for choosing a new bag, and you likely already have a design in mind. From a simplistic backpack to a more stylish tote, there is a huge range of bag styles available. For school, a backpack is more of a practical option, especially if your school doesn’t offer lockers or common rooms, and will give your back support while carrying an array of heavy items, like notebooks and a laptop. For uni, there is more freedom to include a bit more style and personality. Choose a bag that reflects your personal style that also offers enough functionality to carry your laptop and any other essentials, like a drink bottle, wallet etc.


    2. Material 

    Be sure to choose a bag made with sturdy, durable material. You’d be surprised how much stuff you may need to bring with you day in and day out, so you need a bag that can handle any weight. From high-quality leather to pleather, the thicker the fabric, the more likely the bag will last the entire year. Similarly, choosing a fabric or material that is easy to clean is essential for a hassle-free school year, with more time spent enjoying the bag rather than cleaning it.


    3. Colour

    Make sure to choose a bag in a colour that is versatile for a range of outfits and environments. Neutral colours like black, tan and navy blue will work well paired with a range of outfits. Neutral or dark colours are also better for preventing staining and disguising dirt, especially at school when your bag will most likely be thrown around. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with colour.


    4. Pockets and organisation

    Does the bag have enough storage and pockets to keep your essentials, like your phone, keys, wallet, chargers and personal items safe? Additional pockets and space will make it much easier to keep track of your items when spending the whole day on campus.


    Our Favourite Bags for Back To School or Work


    1. Antler backpacks

    The range of Antler backpacks is a great choice for refreshing your back-to-school look with a bag that's functional with a simplistic style. With two large main compartments and a smaller front pocket that’s discreetly hidden, this backpack will hold all your essentials, from books to laptops and additional items you may need with ease. Not to mention they’re crafted with thick nylon for added durability and available in a range of colourways, find your next favourite backpack for back-to-school, work and uni.

    2. Nere duffle bags

    An essential for those who play sports during or after school, our selection of nere duffle bags offers both style and functionality. Perfect for carrying extra sports equipment, uniforms, drink bottles, snacks etc, the extra large compartment lets you bring everything you need with you. With discrete internal pockets and crafted with extremely durable fabrics that wash easily for low-fuss care, our nere duffle bags are a no-brainer for enhancing your look without compromising on ease of use when you need to bring an entire wardrobe with you.

    3. Evity tote bags

    Looking for a classic, durable and stylish tote bag for uni or work? Look no further than the selection of leather tote bags from Evity. A must-have for carrying laptops, drink bottles, snacks and so much more, the Evity totes offer a large compartment and internal pockets, so no matter if you’re at the library or sitting in a lecture hall, all your essentials stay put. Crafted with durable leather and available in a variety of neutral colourings, like black, tan and grey, find your next favourite study buddy work essential in our collection of Evity tote bags.


    4. Bluejuice backpacks

    Discover the latest fresh and functional backpacks from BlueJuice. These back-to-school essentials are durable and will see you through the school year. The stylish range offer adjustable straps, laptop and tablet compartments and plenty of space for books and other school necessities. Plus enjoy a free drink bottle and up to 30% off selected styles.

    Discover the full selection of back-to-school and uni bags online from STRAND.