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    Who We Are

    It all started from one simple idea: we're all going somewhere.
    Everyone always has a destination in mind. Every day, people embark on their own journeys. It can be the morning hustle and slowly easing back into the daily grind or an adventure to explore new horizons and chase fresh perspectives. No matter what the purpose is, the spirit of adventure pushes our feet to move forward.
    The concept of going somewhere and combining it with the spirit of adventure had lead to establishing a brand that has the perfect companion that is always by your side — bags and other travel accessories.

    Founded in Australia in 1927, Strand traversed its way to becoming the household name for being the destination store for bags while being a proud evolution and celebration of its rich Australian heritage.
    With an online store and over 300 physical stores dotted across Australia and New Zealand, Strand continues to bring and help you find the right accessory to complete your look and make a statement. Whether you are looking for fashion, functionality or a mix of both, Strand has an extensive range of designer and own-brand handbags, luggage, business bags, backpacks, wallets and accessories that cater to every style and travel need.
    No matter your destination, we're here to take you there! Look through our online catalogue and find what's new and in-stock or visit our
    store locator to find a store near you.