Stitch & Hide is a global producer of leather accessories. Their unique product designs draw on the contemporary styles and natural landscapes of Byron Bay, Australia, and Los Angeles, California. The company employs skilled craftsmen who carefully piece together each item to produce superior quality products that are comfortable to use and long lasting.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the scent of the full grain, superior grade leather selected by Stitch & Hide for use in their products. They source cow and buffalo leathers from Northern India that are treated by a vegetable tanning process. This is an age old tanning technique that does not use harsh chemicals. The tanning process retains the unique characteristics of each piece of leather so you will see and feel the unique skin markings from the animal that produced the leather. Stitch & Hide's designs remind you of simpler times when products were hand crafted and designed to last.

Their products are underpinned by their ethical business practices. The company shows its commitment to people through its adoption of Fair Trade practices. They demonstrate their passion for the environment through their pursuit of sustainable production processes, such as their use of vegetable tanning.