Add a little panache with Chuchka

Chuchka [pronounced ch-uh-ch-k-uh] comes from Yiddish, meaning ‘precious trinket’ or ‘treasured collectable’. Typically heard around one of the world’s fashion capitals (New York City), Chuchka is a word that captures attention, directing people’s eyes towards something truly desirable.

Chuchka handbags are gorgeous, unique and versatile. They’re specially designed for the modern woman as a stand-out accessory that perfectly fits in for every occasion.

Trendsetting style

Chuchka designers combine elements of deluxe quality to create modern masterpieces. The entire Chuchka collection at Strandbags keeps things fresh and uplifting, adding a gorgeous something extra to any wardrobe.

Designed to keep up with you

It’s not enough to just look amazing – Chuchka handbags are crafted to endure the elements and keep up with the most demanding of lifestyles.

Made from lusciously tactile neoprene and reinforced with no-fail stitching, Chuchka’s can go from home to the office to nights out and on weekends away, in rain or shine. Every item from the Chuchka collection is made to retain the same stunning look from when it was first selected by you, looking incredible from one season to the next.