How do I join?

There are two easy steps.
(1) Complete a sign up form either in a Strandbags store or online at the JOIN! page of Strandbags website.
(2) This will trigger a confirmation email.

If signing up instore you will need to click a link on this email to activate your Strandbags Loyalty Card.
If signing up online you will need to click a link contained in the email to confirm you wish to join Strandbags Loyalty Program.

What are the joining conditions?

It is essential you have a valid email address and supply us with some basic information about yourself including: name, gender, country and postcode.

Why do I need an email address?

Strandbags Loyalty Program vouchers and special offers are issued via email only.

What happens if my email address is not valid?

You will not receive all Strandbags Loyalty Program benefits. You can update your email address in store or online at the Account Management page in the Loyalty Program section of Strandbags website.

Why do I need to activate my card?

This is our way of making sure we have the correct contact details for our members; and protecting personal privacy by ensuring the email address we are provided belongs to the customer joining the program.

What should I do if I don’t receive an activation email?

Go to the Card Activation page in the Loyalty Program section of Strandbags website and follow the “No email received?” direction

Do I have to sign up instore and online?

No, you only have to sign up once.

What happens with my personal information once I sign up?

Strandbags take the privacy and personal safety of all members seriously. Our privacy policy is included in the Strandbags Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions.



Is it essential that I have a Strandbags Loyalty Card?

No it is not essential however is recommended. Without a Strandbags Loyalty Card you will need to provide your email address as a form of identification. This will make the transaction time longer.

What happens if I lose my Strandbags Loyalty Card?

You can get a new Strandbags Loyalty Card from any mainstream Strandbags store. It is important that you provide your old Strandbags Loyalty Card number or email address so we can identify you in our system and link the new card to your record. Unfortunately Strandbags Direct Factory Outlets do not carry Strandbags Loyalty Cards.

What happens if I have two Strandbags Loyalty Cards?

If the cards are linked in our system your purchases on both cards will accumulate together towards a single Strandbags Loyalty Voucher.
If the cards are not linked in our system you will receive multiple Strandbags Loyalty Vouchers representing what you have spent on each individual card. This means you are unlikely to get the full Loyalty Voucher value you are entitled too. It also means you cannot redeem your full Loyalty Voucher entitlement in a single transaction.


What is my current Spend Value?

Unfortunately for privacy reasons we are not able to tell you your current spend value until the end of a spend period.

Does my spend value roll over into the next spend period?

No, accumulated spend value is cleared at the end of each 6 month spend period.

What happens if I have not activated my account or Strandbags Loyalty Card?

You will not receive Strandbags Loyalty Vouchers or Member Benefits.

What happens if my emails from Strandbags are rejected or not received?

You will not receive Strandbags vouchers or special offers. We suggest that you add your email address to your email safe senders list and check your junk email folder.

How often will I receive benefits?

There are no hard set rules. The benefits and issue times will change constantly. As a guideline only, if you haven’t received an email from Strandbags in 2 months it’s best to check that your email address is correct and functioning.



How do I identify myself as a Strandbags Loyalty Program member?

We accept one of the following as proof of member id
1. Strandbags Loyalty Card

2. Email address

3. Driver License (or any other form of photo identification)

What happens if I cannot identify myself as a Strandbags Loyalty Program member?

You are not entitled to Loyalty Program benefits at the time of this transaction, meaning: (a) Your purchase cannot accumulate towards you Spend Value.

(b) You are not entitled to receive any Loyalty Member discounts or special offers that may have been relevant to that transaction.


If you retain your receipt and bring it into store with identification next time you visit we will:

(a) Reinstate the purchase against your Loyalty Member Account. 

(b) Honor any discount or special offer you may have been entitled to, PROVIDED you return to a Strandbags store within the relevant promotional period. Member discounts and special offers will not be reinstated after the promotional period has ended.


How do I unsubscribe?

You may terminate your membership to the Strandbags Loyalty Program at any time and without reason by doing any of the following:

1. Logging into your online Strandbags Loyalty Program account and pressing the ‘Unsubscribe’ button. (Preferred)

2. Selecting the unsubscribe option on emails sent by Strandbags;

3. Contacting Strandbags customer service.

What happens once I unsubscribe?

You will not receive any Loyalty Program Benefits or email communication. Your accumulated spend value will be wiped clear.

Can I unsubscribe from email communication only?

No. It is a condition of membership that you have a valid email address.

I accidently unsubscribed what should I do?

Contact Strandbags customer service.