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    What Can I Take as a Carry-On Bag

    When it comes to travelling by air, one of the most important considerations is deciding what to bring as a carry-on bag. There are a few general guidelines to keep in mind, and it's important to check with your specific airline for any size or weight restrictions before packing. Whether you are a frequent flyer or a first-time traveller, this guide will help you understand what you can typically take as a carry-on bag, giving you a better understanding of what is allowed and how to make the most of your limited space to make your journey as smooth as possible.

    What is carry-on luggage?


    A carry-on bag is a small piece of luggage that passengers are allowed to bring with them into the cabin of an aircraft. When it comes to carry-on luggage, there are a few options that airlines typically allow you to bring on the plane with you. Depending on the airline and weight restrictions, you can usually bring one piece of carry-on luggage and a small bag.

    Why should you bring carry-on luggage?


    For starters, it gives you extra room in your checked luggage. By packing some of your essentials in your carry-on, you can free up space in your checked bag for other items. Plus, having your valuables with you as you travel can give you peace of mind. For smart travellers and those on short trips, packing a carry-on can be a convenient choice, as it not only saves time but also offers potential cost savings, with some airlines providing discounted tickets exclusively for carry-on luggage.


    What Can You Take on the Plane as Carry-On?


    Now, let's take a look at the different types of carry-on bags you can bring on the plane.


    1. Carry-on Suitcase


    This is a popular choice for many travellers. It's perfect for navigating the airport and gives you more space to bring your essentials. Just be aware that these suitcases can take up more room in the overhead lockers, so make sure to get on the plane quickly to secure your spot.


    2. Duffle Bags


    If you're going on a short trip and only need a small amount of clothing, a duffle bag might be the perfect option for you. They're also great for bringing along with your checked luggage and can be used to store your heavier items. Additionally, their compartments allow you to easily pack and keep your essentials organised during their journey.


    3. Backpack


    This is a favourite among travelling professionals, especially those who need to bring a laptop. Backpacks are not only practical, but they also keep your hands free, making it easier to navigate through the airport.


    4. Tote Bag


    If you're bringing a laptop but want a more fashionable approach, a tote bag might be the way to go. It usually has a spacious interior and sturdy handles and material, allowing you to comfortably fit all your travel essentials. They offer plenty of storage and can even count as your smaller bag option.


    5. Crossbody Bag


    For travellers going on shorter trips who don't need to bring a large amount of items on the plane, a crossbody bag is a great choice. They're small, compact, and easy to keep an eye on when travelling through busy terminals.


    A carry-on bag is crucial for all travellers, helping to keep your essential items and valuables close during the journey, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Whether you prefer a suitcase, duffle bag, backpack, tote bag, or crossbody bag, it's important to check with your airline for any specific restrictions or guidelines.

    So, pack smart and pack light with these carry-on bags from STRAND, and enjoy your journey!