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    Ultimate European Summer Travel Bags

    Whether you’re going for a few weeks or a few months, travelling to Europe for the summer means sunny coastlines, warm nights eating exceptional food and quality time with friends and loved ones. Packing a suitcase for your trip is one thing, but having the correct bags-from a day backpack to, the quintessential mini bag for the perfect photo- is a must. In this article, we’re sharing our list of the ultimate European summer travel bags you need to get the most out of your adventures abroad.

    How Are You Travelling?


    The type of travel you plan on doing is super important when deciding on the different bags you need to bring. Some questions to ask include:


    • Are you trying solo travel or heading away with friends?

    • Are you planning on backpacking and staying in hostels or private accommodation?

    • Will you be country hopping a lot or staying in one or two places?


    Each type of travel will require a slightly different bag to get the most out of your time abroad. For example, backpacking will require you to be very selective and pack a very minimalistic wardrobe, extending to your accessories. In comparison, travellers staying in one place or looking to relax may opt to bring a larger suitcase which means you can bring more clothing and accessories.


    How Many Bags Should You Bring?


    Once you know the type of travel you’ll be doing, the next thing is to consider how many bags you need while abroad. For some, a simple backpack is the only bag they’ll need to survive the trip, whereas for other travellers, having a small selection of bags to choose from means you can customise your outfits and activities as you see fit.

    Our recommended amount of bags includes:


    Our Top Picks for Your European Summer Adventure


    1. Lightweight Suitcase

    Lightweight suitcases are a must for travelling between countries. Their lighter construction means you can pack more without worrying about airline restrictions, and they are super easy to move around, whether you're rushing through airports or exploring busy cities. And the best part? They won't weigh you down or cause discomfort. No more lugging around heavy luggage from place to place.

    Lightweight cases from brands like nere, Antler and Samsonite have an ergonomic design to help make your journey more comfortable. They're also durable enough to handle all the bumps and knocks of international travel. With a lightweight suitcase, you can focus on what really matters most – the holiday.



    2. Anti-Theft Backpack

    Anti-theft bags are a game-changer for travelling abroad, offering top-notch security and protection for your valuables. With hidden zippers, slash-proof materials, and lockable compartments, these bags give you peace of mind when walking around your favourite European cities. They also offer RFID-blocking pockets to protect your personal info.

    Our anti-theft backpacks from Travelon are designed with smart features to help you stay organised while keeping your belongings discreet. Whether you're exploring crowded places or busy attractions, these bags give you confidence and let you focus on enjoying your trip. So, if you're travelling between countries, getting an anti-theft bag is a smart move to keep your stuff safe.



    3. Minimalist Crossbody Bag

    A minimalistic crossbody bag is a must-have for European travel. With a small, practical, and stylish exterior, the minimalist design helps to keep your hands free as you explore your destination. Our crossbody bags from Guess, Evity and Marikai come with organisation compartments to discreetly store your essentials like your passport, wallet, and phone.


    While the function of a crossbody bag is great, they also offer unmatched style for when you're dressing up for a meal or a night out in your new holiday spot. So, if you're exploring Europe, grab a minimalistic crossbody bag and enjoy your travels with ease and style.



    4. Bum Bag

    A bum bag, or fanny pack if you're American, is an essential travel companion when exploring Europe. This compact and versatile style offers convenience, security, and easy access to your belongings. Whether you wear it around your waist or across your chest, its hands-free design allows you to move freely while keeping your essentials close at hand.


    When you're strolling through historic sites, navigating bustling markets, or hopping on and off public transportation, a bum bag ensures that your valuables are safe and easily accessible. Our bum bags from nere and Guess balance the need for function with streetwear style making traipsing through Europe a breeze.



    5. RFID Travel Wallet

    An RFID travel wallet is an absolute necessity when travelling in Europe. With the increasing prevalence of contactless technology and digital theft, protecting your personal information is crucial. An RFID travel wallet is designed with special shielding material which blocks radio frequency signals, preventing unauthorised scanning of your credit cards, passports, and IDs.


    This advanced technology ensures that your sensitive information remains secure from digital theft attempts. Our RFID wallets from Colorado and Pierre Cardin offer stylish alternatives to staying safe and protected while overseas. When exploring European cities and crowded tourist spots, where pickpocketing and identity theft can be a concern, an RFID travel wallet provides peace of mind.



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