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    Our Autumn Winter 2023 Bag Predictions

    While summer is a time for beach fun and adventures exploring, the cooler months lend themselves to being a little more sophisticated – cosy date nights dressed up, heading away for the ski season or upping the layers to combat the drop in temperature. While we all enjoy the freshness of summer, there’s something about muted tones and trending silhouettes that always catch our attention about winter. In this article, we’re sharing our top bag trend predictions for autumn-winter 2023 and what bag styles you can expect to see gracing the new season.

    Core Colour Trends

    While winter colours have traditionally leant deeper – think deep maroon, burgundy, rich orange and browns – we’re predicting a slight twist in what we’ve seen in prior years.

    1. New Neutral

    With the rise in modern simplicity, neutral hues are taking centre stage rather than deeper tones. Shades of bone, oat milk, caramel and tan will make a much bigger impact on bag colouring this season, keeping your attire fresh and light even as the temperature drops

    2. Winter Brights

    While neutrals will be a core colouring this season, bright colours and tones will continue their moment right into the wintery months. Fashion isn’t finished with the wild palette of intense colour, from bubblegum pink to candy red and everything in between, so we’re predicting winter 2023 will see an even greater emphasis on bright shades.

    Core Style Trends

    Style and form are taking centre stage for autumn-winter this season, experimenting with traditional shapes to encapsulate a refined sense of femininity and the rise in unisex styling.

    Remixed Classics

    The return to the office has caused a catapult effect for the traditional work bag. No longer a standard style or shape, our classics are being reimagined and reworked to suit a new demographic of style-enthused individuals who want to look fashionable and on-trend, even while out and about completing everyday tasks. New hardware, refreshed features and elevated designs for the everyday.

    Reinventing Craft and Leather

    Tonal changes in how we view craft are changing this winter season – focusing especially on leather. No longer just sleek and modern, leather is taking on a new look. Reshaped and intertwined with new shapes, we’re predicting leather will be seeing a new side of the fashion spectrum, including new texture, weaved aesthetics and stitching.


    Clean, Casual Lines

    While leather will be a huge focus for the season, it still remains a sleek addition to any wardrobe. Brands, like Evity, will continue to include leather as a core focus for sleek, casual moments, from the commute to the office to elevated occasions, like dinner parties and nights out. Refining and blurring the lines between formal and smart casual, leather bags will be at the centre of it all.

    Tote Bags

    Another core style that’s seen a rise in popularity over the last season is the tote bag. While the carry-all shoulder bag was a popular choice for every day, the tote bag, through its rigid shape and minimalist appeal, offers a new and improved carry-all aesthetic. Expect to see this minimalist, everyday must-have gracing the shoulders of the fashion-conscious.


    Core Fashion Trends

    While we constantly see fashion trends come and go, there is always a new twist, whether it’s the particular colouring, tone or general shape. This autumn-winter season, we’re predicting a resurgence of styles from times past and a reinvention of classics to help tell new stories.

    Noughties Nostalgia

    There’s no doubt in our mind that the resurgence of Y2K is here to stay – yet, what’s emerging is a reimagining of asymmetrical fashion blended with early 2000s classics. Mini shoulder bags with bright colouring, chunky shoes and altered accessories will make even more impact this winter season, bringing back the old with a new sense of purpose.

    Signature & Logo Prints

    Logos and prints continue to increase in popularity, marking a new era in signature bag aesthetics. A wardrobe staple, print logo bags and signatures are perfect for an elevated event or occasion to show off your style this season. Guess, Steve Madden and Calvin Klein are just some of the brands taking the accessory world by storm with their intricate and bold logo print bags, handbags and accessories.

    Chunky Chains

    Winter is the perfect time to let go of preconceived ideas of fashion and embrace a bold, new look – chunky chains! Making waves as the latest must-have accessory piece, handbags and mini bags with chunky chain detailing and hardware redefine fun to enhance the look and feel of your winter wardrobe, enhancing your layered ensemble with a stand-out piece that never misses.


    Nothing feels quite as luxe as a handbag with quilt detailing. As a perfect option for everyday and occasion wear, quilted bags add a sense of comfort and softness to your outfit choice, balancing the added weight of jackets and coats throughout the cooler months. This autumn-winter, expect to see more stunning handbags, crossbody bags, mini bags and more designed with quilted fabric.

    From the trends above, this autumn-winter season is sure to impress, highlighted by the use of experimental colour and shape blended seamlessly with the reimagining of traditional styles and purpose. Discover the wide selection of handbags online from STRAND and explore our new in collection to find your new favourite piece this winter.