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    Introducing AYA

    STRAND is excited to announce our latest brand, AYA, a delightful addition to our fashion collection. AYA (as you are) brings authenticity to the forefront, targeting the fashion-conscious youth, and offering the latest accessory trends at a price that's just right. This youthful brand champions individuality, embraces change, and encourages self-expression, featuring a diverse range of bags to suit every mood, outfit, and atmosphere.

    The Art of Personal Style


    AYA bags are designed to be more than just accessories; they're an extension of personal style. Whether you're heading to school formals, enjoying brunch with your friends, hitting the beach, or dancing at a festival, AYA has the perfect bag for every occasion. This collection channels empowerment, fulfilment, confidence, and celebration, making it the ideal companion for life's ever-changing moments.

    Constantly Evolving and Trendsetting


    AYA will launch two collections each year, in February/March and September/October, with additional new releases in May and December. The inaugural collection boasts 10 style-focused shapes and colourways. Signature hero styles like the Flap Over-Shoulder Bag candy-coloured micro bags, iconic logo AYA totes, and a lightweight nylon collection are just some of the highlights. The Y2K and 90s-inspired collection includes a range of mini bags, crochet totes, shoulder bags, cross-body bags, bowling bags, diamante clutches, and the ultimate carry-all Uni tote. AYA also unveils a limited-edition capsule travel range in ombre brights of fuchsia and tangerine, printed canvas travel totes, and a high-gloss black suitcase.


    Affordable Elegance  


    One of the most appealing aspects of AYA is its affordability. Prices range from $39.99 to $79.99, making it possible for AYA shoppers to curate a collection of bags to match their every mood, outfit, and occasion. AYA is committed to expanding its assortment season after season, ensuring that there will always be a covetable handbag just waiting to be discovered.



    With AYA's arrival, STRAND continues to set the trend for accessible, authentic, and versatile fashion. So, get ready to embrace your individuality, experiment with extraordinary colour, and elevate your style with AYA. Explore the collection online now from STRAND and find the perfect style for you.