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    The Rise of the Man Bag

    Recently, male fashion bags have been having a moment – from stylish crossbody bags and totes to traditional styles like messenger bags and backpacks, the man bag is on the rise. While bags for men have always been popular, especially for students and early morning commuters, there has been an increase in the variety of fashionable bags designed specifically for men. In this article, we’re exploring the rise of the man bag and the best ways to style one with confidence.

    What is a Man Bag?

    While most bag styles are universal and can be enjoyed and styled by anyone, the man bag is a type of accessory designed especially for men. Crafted with masculine detailing and materials, whether it be leather, utility straps or dark colours, man bags have a distinct shape and style about them, providing an enhanced ruggedness and overall laid bag style to your outfit.

    Different Types of Man Bags

    While the term man bag implies that the accessory is for a specific demographic, man bags include a huge range of styles that can be worn with many different outfits.


    Duffle Bags

    A classic for everyday activities, the duffle bag is a must for men who are on the go a lot. From the gym to the office and weekend sporting matches, the duffle bag is one that will get used over and over again. With a range of sizes available, an assortment of pockets and an over-the-shoulder strap, a duffle bag is the best option for when you need to carry a lot of items but still want to exude a sporty aesthetic.



    Crossbody Bags

    As a recent addition on this list, the crossbody bag has had a recent makeover, now available in a variety of colours and styles for men. Enter in the utility aesthetic – hard outer shell, thick crossbody straps and enough room for your essentials, crossbody bags have taken a step up in men’s fashion. Other styles are still available and have just as much style, from larger crossbody sac bags to satchels.


    Messenger Bags

    The messenger bag is a classic option for men looking for a bag they can take to work. With a huge range of compartments and larger space for equipment, messenger bags or satchels can be worn over your shoulder or as a crossbody, increasing the amount of wear and styling available while commuting to work. Messenger bags also come in a variety of materials, from stunning leather to durable canvas, so you’re sure to find a style to suit you.




    While the humble backpack has always been a staple in our collection, the recent explosion of men’s fashion bags has seen this everyday icon see a face lift. With a range of backpacks crafted in masculine styles, from sturdy and durable leather, like from Colorado, to thicker straps and unique detailing, clasps and buckles, backpacks for men are no longer just for function but have an added sense of fashionability that makes every trip to the office or abroad a breeze.



    Fanny Pack

    What was typically a tourist companion, the fanny pack or bum bag has become an elevated, casual must-have for everyday activities and everything in between. Whether you wear it as a crossbody or around your waist, the fanny pack has just enough room for all your essentials without feeling too bulky while worn. Add it to your festival outfit or travel essentials kit, the bum bag packs down to nothing and stays put no matter how you wear it.



    How to Style a Man Bag?

    1. Choose a Style You Will Feel Comfortable Wearing

    The best way to start wearing a man bag is to choose a style that you feel most comfortable with – is that a trendy backpack or a duffle bag or something more out there? Whatever you choose, make sure that the colour, size and function of the bag fits into your lifestyle and something you can incorporate to get the feel of carrying a bag around. Simply choosing a man bag you think is trendy but won’t enjoy wearing will just end up sitting in your wardrobe, so it’s best to choose a style you know you’ll get the most wear out of.


    2. Asses the Environment or Event

    Where are you going that requires a bag? Are you commuting to the office or heading out with mates or going to an event, like a concert or festival? Wherever you’re heading, it’s best to consider the environment beforehand and get an understanding of how much you’ll need to carry. A smaller bag is easier to wear while going to a high energy event, while a satchel or backpack is better when going to the office as it can carry much more.


    3. Match the Bag to Your Outfit

    When choosing a bag, an easy way to make sure it suits is to match it to your outfit where possible. Look for similar colours and shades between your bag and your outfit. For example, dark-coloured outfit with a similar bag and vice versa. If the bag has a bright print or is bold enough on its own, keep your clothing neutral, incorporating colours like tan, white, brown and black. This will make it super easy when styling your bag for the day or event, helping you wear it with confidence knowing it’s not clashing with your clothing.

    With the rise of the man bag, there’s now more stylish bags options for men than ever, perfect for enhancing the look and feel of your outfits. Discover the huge selection of bags for men from Strand to find your next favourite man bag style.