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    How to Style A Mini Bag

    Whether you’re heading to work, meeting up with friends for after-work drinks, going on a date with your love or simply leaving the house, there's no better companion than a handbag. With the recent rise in Y2K fashion and the re-emergence of styles from the 80s and 90s, mini bags have made an astounding mark on the fashion space – and they’re not going away any time soon.

    In this article, we’re sharing our tips for how to feel confident styling a mini bag, how to get the most out of miniature designs, and where to wear them.

    What is a Mini Bag?


    As the name suggests, a mini bag is a type of bag that is characteristically petite in nature. Whilst its name can be given to a range of styles - including mini crossbody and tote bags - the term mini bag is usually more well known when given to mini shoulder bags. With a small interior and short over-the-shoulder strap, the mini bag is designed only to carry the essentials - phone, keys and a hair tie or lip gloss.

    Why Are Mini Bags So Popular


    Mini bags have been on the rise for several months now and there are two big reasons as to why:


    1. Celebrity endorsements: Over the years, we’ve seen celebrities pull off bold and interesting looks, especially with their accessories. Part of the mini bag’s rise in popularity comes from iconic celebrity moments, from the runway to the red carpet, and thanks to the nature of social media, it has exploded across trends and fashion genres alike.

    2. Resurgence of Y2K: Undoubtedly, the fashion of the 80s, 90s and iconic Y2K trends are back and better than ever, bringing with them a rebirth of classic accessories – including the mini bag. From tiny straps to outlandish metal hardware, the Y2K mini bag is a popular choice for everyday outings and more formal occasions. The trend effortlessly blends early-2000s fashion with modern street style, making mini bag styles more unique in appearance and design.



    Different Types of Mini Bags

    From mini crossbody bags to even miniature work bags, mini bags have come a long way since the early 2000s, and there’s a huge range of looks to suit any style preference.


    1. Mini Shoulder Bags


    Mini shoulder bags – where it all began. With a shorter shoulder strap than a traditional shoulder bag, smaller construction and unique colours and detailing, the mini shoulder bag is the quintessential piece for any capsule bag collection. Mini shoulder bags also come in a range of stunning colourways with unique detailing, from vibrant hues to gold metal detailing and chain straps that bring a sense of effortless chic. Pair it with your favourite dress for a night out with girlfriends, or embrace the chic streetwear style with a matching set and bag combo.


    2. Mini Crossbody bags


    Mini crossbody bags are the perfect go-to option for every day. When you want to keep your hand free, a mini crossbody bag sits snug against your body while still providing that effortless appeal of a mini shoulder bag. With brands like Guess, Marikai and Steve Madden, you can find your favourite style. Many of our mini crossbody bags also come with a range of detachable straps, including thick straps that, when paired with an oversized hoodie or puffer jacket, elevate your grunge, streetwear aesthetic.


    3. Mini Handle Bags


    Mini handle bags are the newest addition to the mini bag lineup, distinctly more structured with a thicker handle with the addition of a shoulder or crossbody strap. Mini handle bags are crafted in a range of shapes, from traditional rectangles to more oval and squoval shapes to suit a range of style preferences. These types of mini bags are a great smart casual or work bag option for after-work drinks or events that are more formal, like a work function or anniversary dinner.


    4. Mini Tote Bags


    Let’s not forget about a classic mini bag that’s been on the style scene for a while, and that’s the mini tote bag. With a structured basket style and textured material, the mini tote is an ideal weekend companion for chic style and convenience. With more room to store your wallet and keys compared to a mini shoulder bag, the mini tote is the must-have accessory for travelling and when you need to carry more items but still want to maintain a level of cool chic.


    How to Style a Mini Bag


    1. Go Bold with Colour

    There’s no better time to experiment with colour than by playing with a bright, vibrantly designed mini bag. From iconic colours, like pink, purple and yellow to colourful stripes, checks and logos, the mini bag is the perfect accessory to go big and bold. Brands like Guess and Marikai offer a huge selection of colourful mini bags to help you stand out from the crowd and boost your confidence for everyday fun.


    2. Pick a Mini Bag with Intricate Detailing

    Mini bags are known for their intricate, unique detailing and hardware, so when choosing a mini bag for your next event, choose one based on its detailing. Look for gold or silver metal hardware, chains, studs, spikes or intricate stitching that brings a sense of creativity and individuality to your outfit. Logo mini bags are another great way to bring a unique aesthetic, with bold lettering and shapes helping elevate your outfit well into the evening.


    3. Pair Your Mini Bag to Your Outfit Through Material

    To match your bag to your outfit, one of the easiest ways is to consider the material between your clothing and your accessories. When styling a mini bag, look to match it with a similar material featured in your outfit. For instance, if you’re wearing a leather jacket or pants, pair a leather mini bag to create structural symmetry. Or, if you’re wearing an outfit with cord or a specific material, look for a mini bag with that same material. This creates a consistent, put-together aesthetic for your outfit.

    Styling a mini bag for your next event is a great way to add a touch of flare and unique style to your outfit. Discover the wide selection of mini bags online from STRAND to elevate your Y2K looks now.