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    How To Store Your Handbags Properly (And Keep Them Beautiful)


    Whether you’re heading to a fancy event, going to brunch with friends or just running errands, the accessories you choose to wear are a big part of your outfit. A bag is an easy way to add a touch of flare and personality to your look, and having a range of bags in different styles, colours and sizes will give you the options to take your look from great to spectacular. In this article, we’re sharing our top tips for matching your bag to your outfit, and how to balance colour and size to elevate your look no matter the occasion.

    Why is Proper Handbag Storage Important?

    Most handbag care takes place when you’re not using them. A lot of it comes down to storage, and this is for many reasons:

    The better you store your handbags, the longer they last: Investing in a new piece means getting as much wear out of it as possible without having to replace it.


    Proper storage protects your bags: With the right care, your bag can look as good as the day you bought it (or, in the case of leather handbags, even better). It also allows for proper ventilation and prevents contact with dust and accidental damage.


    Taking pride in your handbags: A well-maintained handbag can elevate your presentation, as the condition of your bag can say a lot about you. Another way to take pride in your bags is to display your favourite pieces at home.


    Where to Store Your Handbags?


    Shelves are a popular way to store your handbags. Shelves grant you easy access to your bags while providing ventilation to prevent trapping any humidity and mould. At home, utilise existing shelving or add some DIY shelving for your handbag collection. Vertical storage is your friend when storing bags in a small space; not only does it reduce floor clutter, but you can insert shelves anywhere, such as a high shelf in your wardrobe.


    Shelves are also perfect for storing luxury and designer handbags as they provide a flat surface for them to rest on. The depth of your shelves matters, too; small shelves are best suited for smaller handbags, such as mini bags and clutches.

    Handbag Racks

    Storage racks serve as a convenient place for your go-to accessories. They come in all shapes and sizes and double as a decor piece;simply choose a style that matches your home and add your favourite pieces. Storage racks are a space-saver and are perfect if you prefer to grab your bag and go. However, be mindful of which bags you hang. Avoid bags that can be easily crushed or develop wear and tear from hanging. If you’re using a rack, hang lighter, less-structured styles like hobo bags and fabric totes or small bags with durable chain straps.

    Handbag Hangers
    Handbag hangers are a great, compact storage solution and alternative to clothes hangers which can often leave your handbags tangled. These hangers are specifically designed for handbags and come in various styles to suit your home and bag collection. Handbag hangers offer convenient and compact storage, which gives you the opportunity to display your bags individually, sort through them quickly while displaying them fashionably. These are great for shoulder bags with short, sturdy straps as they do not take up space when hung.  

    Repurpose Household Items

    If you're looking for a handbag storage solution that is creative, unique to you and won't break the bank, try upcycling your old household items.

    Even if you're not savvy with DIY projects, some clever and simple ways to store and organise your handbag collection includes, repurposing bookcases, shelf dividers, old furniture hardware or even using magazine holders for clutches and purses.

    Upcycling your belongings can help you find a unique solution no matter how you like to organise your handbag collection. For example, If you have a bag for every occasion, objects with compartments such as bookcases can help you streamline your collection. Some tips for styling your upcycled items with your handbag collection include organising your bags by colour, size, or purpose (work, uni, travel, going out, etc.) for a practical yet stylish storage solution.


    Which Handbag Storage Option is Right for Me?

    There are a few key considerations when choosing the perfect storage solution for you:

    1. 1. How much space do I have? If you need to prioritise space, safely store handbags in their dustbags, or place them on a shelf. DIY options can also help you display your bags in a way that works for you.
    2. 2. What are my handbag habits? If your handbag selection depends on your day or outfit, you may want to store them on handbag hangers in your wardrobe. Or, if your handbag is the last thing you grab before leaving the house, consider hanging your favourite pieces on a rack.

    3. 3. What else do I need to take care of my bags? Consider the size, material, weight and shape of your bags, as some pieces will require specific storage. For example, some handbag styles require stuffing to maintain shape and avoid sagging.


    Storing your handbag collection is a choice as personal as choosing the perfect handbag. Follow any of our storage care tips above to keep your handbag collection safe and beautiful for years to come.

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