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    How to Pack A Suitcase? Travel Packing Tips

    Whether you love it or hate it, packing is a necessary step before embarking on a journey. Whether you’re an over-packer, a minimalist, or a last-minute packer, we’ve put together our best tips on how to pack a suitcase. In this article, we’re sharing how to choose the right suitcase, a step-by-step guide to packing, and helpful hints to make the most out of your suitcase.

    What Is the Best Suitcase For You?

    Before you find out how to pack a suitcase, you need to know what you’re working with. Your suitcase is the foundation for your packing strategy so it’s important to consider what type of case is ideal for you and your trip.


    Suitcases come in a range of styles, with different features to suit your travel style. For example, soft suitcases are a great option for travellers who enjoy shopping, as they accommodate spontaneous purchases. Or, if you tend to travel with delicate items, you may want to opt for a hard shell. Suitcases also come in a range of sizes - for more advice on this, you can read our guide on which suitcase is right for you to help you determine what size suitcase you need.

    Key Considerations Before Packing A Suitcase

    Once you’ve got your perfect suitcase, it’s time to choose what items will accompany you on your trip. To help you decide what to pack, consider the following questions.


    • Where are you going? This is probably the most important question to help you pack for your destination(s). Make sure your clothing is compatible with weather conditions and your planned activities. We also recommend researching cultural customs and etiquette for international travellers to prevent any clothing faux pas.


    • How long are you travelling for? The length of your trip can impact how many clothing options you’ll want to bring. While you can always wash and re-wear your clothing, more time away can increase the scope of occasions you might need to prepare for.


    • What are your key items? Make a list of your travel essentials to ensure they’re packed. While you’re likely to keep items like your passport and electronic devices in your carry-on luggage, leave space in your suitcase for important items like toiletries, adapters and cables, and suitable footwear options.


    • What can you not pack in your suitcase? Certain items are prohibited or restricted for safety, legal, or health reasons. Here are some
      things you generally cannot pack in a suitcase: flammable Items, explosives and firearms, chemical substances, sharp objects, lithium batteries, compressed gas cylinders, perishable foods, and alcoholic beverages over 70% ABV.

    The Best Way to Pack A Suitcase: Our Methods

    To take the stress out of packing, follow our step-by-step guide below. Remember that strategic packing aims to reduce unnecessary hassle and weight.

    1. Select all the items you want to bring, then edit.

    Many of us find ourselves overpacking and regretting it, especially if we’re transporting our luggage from place to place. Narrowing your suitcase items down to your must-haves reduces the risk of exceeding your baggage limit or adding extra weight to your luggage. Another upside to a “less is more” approach to packing is that it limits time spent deciding what to wear each day. In return, you gain more time to go out and enjoy your surroundings.

    2. Always roll instead of fold.

    Roll your clothes to maximise suitcase space and reduce creasing. Rolling also keeps clothes neat and tidy as you sort through your luggage. This technique allows for easy packing and unpacking. Rolling also creates more room for souvenirs and other purchases made during your trip.

    3. Store heavier items at the bottom and lighter items on top.

    The best way to pack your suitcase is to put heavier items, like shoes, at the bottom and keep lightweight items, like underwear, towards the top of your suitcase. This helps evenly distribute the weight of your luggage, making your suitcase feel even lighter and easier to travel with.

    4. Keep travel essentials near the top of your suitcase.

    Conveniently, lighter items kept at the top of your suitcase will likely be your necessities, such as skincare and makeup. Quick access to your essentials is important while you’re living out of your suitcase, especially if you don’t have the time or room to settle in and unpack your belongings.

    5. Utilise suitcase compartments.

    Most suitcases come with design-savvy features to make travelling easier. Pack chargers, cables or bulky items like hair straighteners in suitcase pockets. You can also utilise suitcase dividers to separate shoes or dirty clothing from the rest of your luggage.

    6. Use Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes come in various sizes and are designed to organise your luggage efficiently. To streamline your packing process, roll your clothes into packing cubes to divide your clothing into categories such as tops, bottoms, swimwear, etc. This makes it easier to find what you need without having to rummage through your entire suitcase. It also prevents your clothes from getting wrinkled and enables you to maximise the space in your luggage.

    Suitcase Packing Tips & Tricks

    In addition to the steps above, consider the following tips to help you pack like a pro.


    • Leave some space in your suitcase: Don’t pack your suitcase to the brim just because you have room. Choose your items carefully and leave space for any items and gifts you want to bring home.


    • Wear your bulky items: A great way to maximise space in your suitcase is to wear your bulkiest clothing or shoes to the airport.


    • Save space by filling space: Place socks inside shoes, tuck scarves and beanies into hats, roll belts inside collars, and fill empty containers with small items.


    • Be hygienic: Utilise laundry bags and garment bags to separate clean and dirty clothing.


    • Separate your toiletries: Pack your toiletries in beauty and vanity cases to keep your makeup, skincare and jewellery organised and protected.


    • Pack a reusable backpack or duffle: This is great for over-packers. These bags can easily be compressed and stored in your carry-on, offering extra space if needed during your travels.

    Once you’ve got your packing process down, your destination awaits. Tick everything off your checklist with travel gear from Strand. Explore sleek and functional luggage, travel accessories, and more.