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    How to Get the Most out of a Long-Weekend Trip?

    There’s nothing better than heading away from the norm and spending some quality time in your favourite place with friends and family. No matter the location, a long weekend away can help to relax and rest from work and the busyness of life. Getting the most out of a long-weekend trip or staycation is essential to enjoying the change in scenery, so in this article, we’re sharing our top tips for how to make the most of your next long weekend trip away.

    Top Travel Bags for Your Next Long Weekend Getaway

    Whether you’re heading away for a few days or just one night, packing for your trip is essential, and it’s important to know which bags will be right for your trip.

    Duffle Bag

    One of the easiest bags to bring for a long weekend trip is the duffle bag. Duffles Bags are great for compact packing solutions that always seem to have more than enough room. With a large open compartment and smaller side pockets, you can pack around two to three days worth of outfits, toiletry and vanity bags, shoes and anything else you may need. They fit easily into the boot of a hire car, as well as in the overhead of a plane.


    Carry-On Luggage

    If you’re travelling interstate and need a bag with a little more structure, a carry-on suitcase is a great solution. Travelling with a carry on suitcase is easier thanks to the addition of wheels (two or four depending upon the style) so if you’re flying to your destination, it may be worth having a bag that makes it easier to move from the airport to your accommodation. You can usually fit a few days worth of clothing and essentials and are a compact size to fit into a hire car once you get to your destination.



    If you’re staying at home for the long weekend and are planning to go on day trips around your area, you’ll need a sturdy backpack to bring with you to carry all your essentials. Small, compact and easy to carry, a backpack is a must-have for exploring new places, like going on hikes and walks or taking scenic drives along the coast. Keep your essentials close no matter where you end up with a sturdy backpack.


    How to Get the Most out of Long Weekend Getaway?

    Whether it’s a public holiday, a special occasion like the Easter long weekend, or you’re simply taking some time off work, making the most of your time away, even if it’s only three or four days, can give you the space and time you need to wind down and reset.


    Book Early

    With long weekends that are the result of a public holiday or special occasion, it’s best to make a booking early rather than later. Whether you’re planning a staycation somewhere close to home or heading interstate, take the time to research accommodation well in advance to avoid the all too familiar rush of last-minute price spikes and ‘no vacancy’. If you’re planning to head away during a popular time, we recommend booking well in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress while you’re away.


    Go Somewhere New

    There’s nothing like packing up your belongings and hitting the road to explore somewhere new – and a long weekend trip is the best time to do it. Stay in your town or city and explore an area you haven’t been to before, a monument or museum you’ve always wanted to see. If you’re heading interstate, make sure to do your research on all the best places to visit, like the best sightseeing spots, restaurants and cafes, beaches or hikes. No matter where you end up, taking the time to see and experience something new can help you slow down, get a new perspective and change of pace.


    Minimise Travel Time

    The last thing anyone wants to be doing on their long weekend trip away is getting stuck in traffic. For your next long weekend trip away, maximise your time spent with friends, family or just with your special someone by picking a place close to home – a secluded campsite, beach house or hotel in the city. This way, you can ensure you spend less time on the road and more time taking in the sights, sounds and attractions of your destination.

    Getting the most out of your next long weekend holiday is all about maximising your time for getting out and enjoying your surroundings. For your next long weekend getaway, discover the collection of travel bags online from STRAND to make your trip as relaxing and stress-free as possible