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    Every Bag You Need For This Party Season


    With our calendars filling up with social events and the buzz and excitement in the air, party season is fast approaching us. Crafting the perfect look for each occasion is part of the fun, which is why there’s nothing worse than putting together an amazing outfit and not having the right accessories to style it with. At Strand, we believe it’s in those finishing touches that can really take your outfit to the next level. To help you curate the perfect look, we’re sharing every bag you need for this party season.

    What to Consider for each Occasion

    When choosing the right bag for each occasion, there are a few questions to consider.


    What is the dress code?

    The type of event you’re attending will likely have a dress code or give you an idea of what it is. Knowing the level of formality can help determine what bag would be the most suitable. For example, formal events will call for a smaller, more sophisticated style bags.

    What outfit are you wearing?

    A good bag should complement the elements of your outfit, such as colour, texture and your other accessories. For more on this, you can read our guide on How To Match Your Handbag To Your Outfit.

    What items will you need to take with you?

    Practicality is just as important as style when choosing your bag. Your bag should carry your essentials, plus anything required for the occasion. Think about what items you’ll bring on the day and whether you need specific size bag or certain design feature such as a shoulder strap or multiple compartments.


    Bags for Different Occasions

    Black Tie Events

    Black tie occasions range from school formals and university balls to award nights and ceremonies, but all call for a formal look. Small evening bags like a clutch add elegance to your look while carrying your bare essentials like your phone, a cardholder, and makeup for quick touch-ups.

    If you want a hands-free option, look for clutches with a detachable chain or wristlet. For styling, we recommend matching your clutch’s hardware to your jewellery. For example, wear a clutch with silver detailing if you wear mostly silver jewellery.

    Our Top Picks:

    Work Christmas Parties

    Work Christmas parties are about having more fun with your style than you would on a regular work day. If you’re heading to the Christmas party straight from work, you’ll need a bag that transitions from day to night, and holds your daily items, whether it’s a laptop, lunch, or a spare change of clothes.

    Tote bags are a great option for work Christmas parties as they’re spacious and stylish, perfect for achieving a corporate chic look or bringing to an upscale restaurant or bar. Consider a bright-coloured tote to inject more joy into your look.

    Our Top Picks:

    New Year’s Eve Parties

    New Year’s Eve Parties are often associated with getting glam, looking and feeling fabulous as you bring in the New Year.

    A mini bag is a statement in itself - think small bags with big personalities. With a range of different colours and shapes available, a stylish mini bag can really elevate your look. If you haven’t considered getting one, we’re here to let you know the micro-bag trend is here to stay beyond 2022.

    Our Top Picks:


    While dress codes very depending on the wedding, the ideal bag for wedding guest is small and lightweight. We recommend crossbody bags, which combine style and function to take you from ceremony to reception. Crossbody bags are great for weddings as they have room for your essentials and a shoulder strap to keep you hands-free while hitting the dancefloor. Stick to structured styles to keep it dressy for the occasion.

    Our Top Picks:

    High Tea & Garden Parties

    Soirées like high tea and garden parties also range in formality, and can be open to interpretation. When it comes to accessories, though, you can’t go wrong with a classic cross body silhouette. For events like these, the focus should be on the colour palette; aim for a lighter, more vibrant colours such as a pastel, or even a floral print. Avoid dark tones like black and tan.

    Our Top Picks:

    Outdoor Gatherings

    Party season is synonymous with summer. In between the glitzy and glamorous events, it’s all about making the most of the warm weather with picnics, BBQs and sunny beach days. Slouchy bucket bags and summery straw bags are perfect to bring to casual outdoor gatherings as they provide a casual, relaxed look. They’re also great for anyone who enjoys spontaneous adventures, with enough space to simply pack all your things for the day and go.

    Our Top Picks:


    If you enjoy live music, concerts and festivals are likely part of party season itinerary. If you’re someone that likes to come prepared, a small backpack is comfortable and has compartments to keep all your things organised. Or, if you’re more of a minimalist, phone bags are a stylish way to stay hands-free while having your phone close to you to capture any memories. Aim for a style that’s lightweight and secure, so you can spend less time worrying about your things and more time living in the moment.

    Our Top Picks:

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