You maybe jetting of on an Airline overseas or travelling up the road for a break at Strandbags there are so many luggage options to choose from. As the bag and luggage experts we cover exclusive brands like Lanza, Lucca, Flylite, Bluebird and 24/7 as well as house hold names like Samsonite luggage, Antler luggage, American Tourister, Guess, Kardashian, Pacsafe, High Sierra, IT luggage and Korjo accessories. Do you need a Hard suitcase or soft-sided suitcase? Trolley case or hand luggage? Lightweight carry on luggage? With so many options, let us the Luggage professionals help you in you luggage making decision.
When you are planning a trip whether it is long haul or domestic travel it's important to think about what you need your luggage bag for, your mode of transport, as well as its security, looks and handling. Use this handy guide to help you, and view our range of luggage bags here.
These days' suitcases come in a variety of different styles and materials. Suitcases can be hard or soft-sided, mounted on wheels, and normally has a telescopic handle so it can be pulled along with minimal effort. The upright feature of suitcases with their wheels results in a travel bag that is stable and consequently easier to manage particularly when full. Suitcases can come with 4 wheels, which means you don't have to even tilt to pull allowing you to simple wheel you suitcase along side you rather than behind you. With the inline 2 wheeled suitcases you can have the benefit of a trolley case that some allow 2 pieces of extra luggage to be attached to the handle frame or to a "piggyback" strap, leaving your hands free.
A soft-sided suitcase is the term used for a suitcase which uses flexible panels as part of its construction. The advantage this flexibility offers is it makes these suitcases extremely easy to store and light in weight. A good consideration for buying the soft sided suitcases is they are easy to store which maybe important if you're short of space. The soft sided suitcases nest easily which mean you can pack them together if more than one size is purchased. The flexible nature of the soft sided suitcase means they also pack better in cars, coaches and awkward spaces. Generally these soft sided suitcases are also lighter in weight then the hard sided suitcases which maybe an important factor when traveling especially if it's a long haul flight. Or if you are looking for a light weight carry on suitcase for domestic travel.
The material used in Soft-sided suitcases is normally polyester, nylon or both. These fabrics come in different grades of what is called denier which normally means that the higher the denier used in the construction of the soft sided suitcase the thicker and more durable the fabric will be. Typically you will find in the more expensive ranges of soft sided suitcases they will use a high denier material which is tightly woven for extra strength. The materials are normally designed to be scuff and soil resistant and difficult to tear with many having a waterproof PVC backing on the inside for extra protection.
Soft-sided suitcases come in many different designed with features to keep you organised and make travel more convenient. At Strandbags some of the key features of our soft sided suitcase range includes expandable that will give you more room for those unexpected souvenirs, padlocks and combination locks for added security and protected zips and closures that help reduce wear and tear.
A hard-sided suitcase as the name suggests is a suitcase which is rigid rather than flexible like the soft sided versions. These suitcases are designed to withstand the rigours of frequent air travel, as well as the huge temperature range your luggage is exposed to in the hold of a plane especially on long haul flights. In the main these hard sided suitcase are made from moulded polypropylene or ABS plastic.
The material Polypropylene is an oil-based plastic which is also used in the construction of car bumpers in the automobile industry. Consequently it's extremely strong with a tough surface which can withstand heavy impact which maybe an important feature for those who are making long trips or trips with multiple destinations.
The material ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is made up of plastic and a rubber substitute. This material again is very strong which it needs to be as it is used in the construction crash helmets. Suitcase manufactures are able to give ABS attractive finishes and shine which means that it's usually used in the more expensive ranges where appearance is important.
The main difference between these 2 materials used is that ABS is not quite as strong as polypropylene. A particularly violent impact on an ABS hard suitcase may just cause it to crack or dent but the upside of this material is it is generally lighter and easier to maneuver.
Generally hard-sided suitcases offer the consumer a more durable suitcase over the soft-sided suitcases and these suitcases are likely to be waterproof. The hard sided suitcase is ideal for protecting more fragile items that you may wish to take on you're trip. This range of suitcases has highly secure metal frames with key and combination locks. In most of Strandbags hard-sided suitcases there are straps in the lid and base so the two parts can be packed separately, and there's often a middle divider to separate the compartments and protect the contents.
Cabin bags or as they are also know as flight bags are designed specifically to go in the cabin of an aircraft. This makes this type of product ideal if you are looking for light weight carry on luggage for short trips. They are designed with several pockets for storing valuable items, and handy pockets to keep passports and travel documents close to hand. They're particularly convenient when you need a bag for your flight essentials, and double up as overnight or even weekend bags. Travelers who are looking for cabin bags should make themselves aware of the restrictions airline carriers may have in place for what is allowable as a carry on piece of luggage. Please note that these restrictions vary between airlines and airports, so it is always a good idea to check before you fly to ensure you carry on luggage will indeed be carry on.
Business travel
Business bags with their numerous pockets and storage compartments are perfect for business people on the move. Business bags come in a variety of sizes and materials from leather, nylon or polyester. Typically the bags will have one or more document pockets, extra accessory and reinforced laptop compartments and shoulder straps which are often detachable. Many business bags are now designed to carry safely lap tops and will indicate the size of lap top that will fit securely in the business bag.
For business people who spend a lot of time on the road or visiting clients the mobile offices is a perfect choice. These small suitcases are designed to accommodate all your business needs and what is required for an overnight business trip.
The Suiter or garmet bags offer the traveler a design carry option that transports and protect a suit or dress with minimum creasing. These items are normally available in polyester or nylon and depending on size, will carry sufficient clothes for 2 or 3 days. This type of product is popular with business travelers and some are fitted with wheels for easy transportation.
Travel accessories
Strandbags offers a wide selection of travel accessories to make your trip both safe and easy. When your looking for your suitcase on the carousel we have bright straps and luggage labels to help you identify your case, and combination and padlocks in a range of colours to keep your case extra safe and secure. We have a whole range of travel accessories like handy travel gadgets, adaptors that cover the world, document wallets and electrical like mini kettles and hairdryers.
The TSA - approved padlock is particularly useful if traveling to the USA as it allows American airline security personnel to examine your suitcase without damaging the lock or your suitcase.
Travel tip: With the multitude of electrical items we all now seem to travel with don't travel without an adaptor plug for all your electrical items. Also why not pack a fold-up casual bags which are great space-savers and handy for your return journey where you may find your coming home with more stuff then you left with!!
The options are now endless with Backpacks which come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Features differ widely across the range within Strandbags, some backpacks have wheels so you can take the weight of your back, while other backpacks feature padded laptop compartment, smart phone pockets and mesh drink bottle pouches. With so many different features within the Strandbags backpack range it is important to consider the main end use you are looking for from your backpack before you buy your backpack
If you trekking across the alps then looking for a backpack with good back support and padded shoulder straps is essential to carry your items in comfort. If on the other hand if its not the alps you looking to cross but it's a trek to work or school then maybe opting for a backpack that can transport your laptop, book and lunch securely may mean choose something more compact and fitted with a protective laptop compartment.
A holdall can be an alternative to a travel case and can offer as much packing space whilst being lighter in weight which could be important consideration if flying. However the benefits of weight and flexibility maybe offset by a less protective carrying option. Most models are made from strong man made materials and will have 2 handles, an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap and a zipped main compartment with interior pockets. If you are planning on packing for a long trip you may want to go for a model with wheels and a telescopic handle to take the weight of your shoulders.
Children's luggage
As adults we need to ensure we have packed the essentials for a trip we are planning and kids are no different. It maybe their favourite toys, books, colouring pens, a handy sack of sweets or a few games, these are but a few things that your little one will need when you're on the go. It's essential they have there favourite things handy whether you're going on a day trip or a 2-week holiday. At Strandbags we have you're children's travel options covered so they can pack what they need and hopefully carry or wheel as well.
All our suitcases at Strandbags are guaranteed for many years against faulty workmanship which gives you that peace of mind when making you luggage purchase decision. It should though be worth noting that these manufacturers' guarantees don't cover damage caused by overloading, mishandling in transit or airline damage.
Handy Travel Tip: When you go to collect your luggage from the carousel always take a couple of moments to look over your luggage for any transit damage. It is important to inform the airline or their representative before you leave the terminal of any transit damage as they are unlikely to accept any damage claims against them once you've left.
All airline carriers have weight and size restrictions of hand and checked baggage which will vary between companies. It is advisable to check the allowances you have with them before you pack your luggage. Traveling with excess weight could results in you having to pay a fine for each kilo overweight.
Please note air-travel restrictiions vary between airlines and airports, so please check before you fly.
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