Packing you Suitcase: A step by step guide

When it comes to travel, luggage and packing we’re always conscious of the tough packing decisions that we may encounter before jet setting off. Should you roll or fold your clothes? What size and how many suitcases is appropriate? What important items should you take on your trip? 

Luckily we have the answers and advice on all things travel. From high quality lightweight carry on luggage collections, travel accessories and tips, and of course guaranteed packing tips that are sure to leave some room for items picked up while you are away.

How to select the best luggage for you

Selecting your luggage is all dependant on the duration and nature of your trip.

There are many different types of trips we take and it will be the nature of the trip which determines the the type of suitcase or travel bag you are after.  If its all about the weight of the bag then something like an ultra-lightweight suitcase such as our elite Flylite Spin Air range is what your looking for.  These suitcases are designed with a honeycomb construction that delivers durability whilst keeping the weight of the suitcase down.  Maybe the trip requires something that is tough going and durable so opting for something like the hard-wearing and innovative Samsonite hard case Spin Trunk is an ideal solution.  This suitcase boasts the new VOLUMAX 20:80 technology with an easy lifting lid and a spacious trunk to maximise your packing possibilities.

If you’re a light packer or a business traveller, then you maybe looking for the perfect option for your carry on luggage needs. With this in mind the new Flylite Executive Laptop hard case features a convenient and easily accessible laptop pocket designed to make that transfer through airport security a speedier transition with room also for the overnight essentials.

If its a family trip the size and manoeuvrability maybe important considerations so try choosing a suitcase such as Antler’s Cyberlite.  The ultra-light design comes in a range of bright colours and various sizes and includes a generous interior. Not only is the Antler Cyberlite exceptionally light and bright, this 4 wheel spinner suitcase is a breeze to move and is amazingly smooth due to the durable Hinomoto wheels.

Packing tips for holidays

Now that you have chosen your ideal suitcase, it’s time to think about the clothes you want to take. Packing items that can easily be rolled, such as t-shirts, scarves and skirts will enable you to pack more within your suitcase. A tip for packing is to focus on the larger and bulkier items first. This will enable you to fill in the gaps with your smaller and more delicate items, making sure you don’t forget about inside your shoes as they are the perfect spot for those small items that you wish to pack. Another packing option is to invest in some KORJO compression bags which will allow you to vacuum seal and flatten your clothing- leaving you with more space.

If you find that you are still running out of room try to wear your bulkiest item such as a jacket or coat onto the plane (regardless of the weather) to free up some extra room in that suitcase of yours.

To make sure that your business attire arrives to your destination smooth and crease-free, try the KORJO Garment Bags which have been specifically designed to protect and carry business and evening wear.

One last tip is to invest in some small empty toiletry bottles so you can cut back on packing your big full size bottles and aim to fill them with your essential creams, shampoos and treatments.

Essential Gadgets

When packing items such as hobbies, gadgets and souvenirs we can sometimes forget the large amount of space they may require within our suitcase. Below you can find out what essentials you should pack in order to minimise over packing and stress.

Adaptors and Chargers

This gadget is at the top of our list because there is nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to realise that you have left it at home. Second to that is forgetting to pack or purchase an overseas adaptor, that’s why it’s a good idea to grab one of KORJO’s worldwide adaptors so you won’t be without your electrical devices overseas.

TSA Approved Locks

It’s a good idea to invest in a combination lock before travelling. Wordlock have an extensive range of combination locks so if your suitcase need to be opened during travel, security can do so without breaking your padlock.

Safety First

As we have been told most of our lives- safety comes first, that’s why you should always be prepared for anything on any trip. Torches come in handy when there is an unexpected blackout, a basic first aid kit for those unexpected mishaps and lastly toilet paper (trust us). If you are worried about your security, Pacsafe and Travelon have a great collection of RFID protected, anti-slash money wallets and neck pouches which are a great idea for when you’re out and about.


Technology these days has enabled us to soundtrack our lives. Why not sync the iPod before your trip and create your own customised playlist for when you depart? An essential for your entertainment and media player needs is the KORJO Earbud & Travel Kit that comes with a convenient headphone adaptor and splitter. Whilst you are packing you may as well pack a book too… They may weigh your luggage down, however travel and a book are a match made in heaven.

In summary

Don’t forget the importance of your carry-on and day pack as they should include essential items such as a change of clothes and travel wallets or a neck pouch to keep your valuables safe.

Remember to weigh your suitcase before you head to the airport to avoid paying excess weighing fees. Weight restrictions apply to all airlines and will vary.

Don’t forget to add a tag to your bag as luggage tags will help to distinguish your case wherever you go.
With all the hard work aside, you are now able to sit back, relax and enjoy your organised and stress-free journey.

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